Food Intolerances

Do you suspect that some foods are making you feel unwell?

Food intolerances may be a signal of a compromised digestive system. Therefore, removing the offending foods is likely to relieve symptoms, however, this alone may not be enough to avoid digestive disturbances.

Food specific IgG reactions or intolerances may create a whole host of inflammatory responses, this occurs because the ingredient ingested is recognised at a threat.

The immune responses may be varied and can be delayed by up to 72 hours.

Food Intolerance Symptoms

Food Intolerances may present a wide variety of symptoms such as skin problems, headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, weight gain, bloating, insomnia, sinus, catarrh, joint pains and mood disturbance.

NB: Food intolerance is very different form allergic reactions. Allergic reactions only affect 2% of the population and symptoms occur very soon after the food has been ingested. With a food allergy your immune system is mistaking food and drink as harmful and as a defence mechanism produces IgE (immunoglobulin E) antibodies to fight off the offender.

If you suspect you have a food allergy then you should visit your doctor and get tested.

How I Can Help

We would start with an initial consultation (60 minutes) where I would take a thorough report of your current health, diet, symptoms and your health history. This is followed by discussing the requirement for a food intolerance test (additional cost).

My approach is personalised, therefore we discuss what is the best route for you.  Some clients prefer to remove the most common offending foods that typically cause food intolerances, others prefer to use a test, it's very individual.

When you understand your individual intolerances and the impact they may be having on your health, it is easier to make better food choices and take steps towards food liberty.

Food Intolerance Testing

I use Lorisian laboratory for food intolerance testing, they have over 35 years experience and their IgG method has more papers published about its performance than any other food specific IgG tests available on the market.

The tests available all measure your IgG reactions to food ingredients:

Lorisian 100 - £199 - analyses 100 food ingredients

Lorisian 150+ - £299 - analyses more than 150 ingredients (including grapes and wines)

Lorisian 200+ - £349 - analyses more than 200 ingredients (including grapes and wines)

The test is performed with a couple of drops of blood which can be done at home or in my clinic, once results have been analysed you will receive a print out of your results, a Lorisian guidebook and food diary. We would then have a follow up consultation to discuss the results and the best way to move you forward.

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