Hormone Balancing Workshop - Next date TBC

My hormone balancing workshop helps you to balance hormones naturally with simple diet and lifestyle tips taken from my signature hormone programme.  We will look at the four pillars within the programme, which are Food, Outside (& Exercise), Sleep and Stress and why you need to support all the pillars to achieve hormonal balance.

Do symptoms such as weight gain, fluctuating mood, hot flushes, night sweats, depression and brain fog sound familiar to you?  If so, chances are your hormones may be unbalanced.

Hormonal imbalance can be a challenging time for many women, especially as they head towards the menopause, and this can start in your early 40's.  In my experience,  these symptoms are extremely common and cause distress and disharmony for so many ladies, yet life doesn't need to be this way.

The good news is that by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, profoundly impacts your hormonal balance.  By choosing a diet and lifestyle plan that supports hormone balance, may help to reduce symptoms, allowing you to enjoy your life again.

Join me for this 90-minute workshop where we touch on the four pillars from my Signature Hormone Programme, it will help you to find your inner balance and harmony, so you can start thriving, instead of just surviving.

With The Hormone Balancing Workshop you will receive:

Exclusive Expert Advice

Exclusive access to expert nutritional advice and support from Nutritionist Claire Foss, DipION mBANT.  I focus exclusively on female health and hormones, helping clients find balance again, with easy to follow nutrition and lifestyle support.

PDF workbook for key take homes from the workshop

A short PDF with key learnings from the workshop, which include the four pillars from my hormone signature programme: food, Outside, Sleep & Stress.  You can refer back to this info workbook, at times of overwhelm, stress or imbalance.

Key Learnings for the day

Identify what foods typically cause hormonal imbalance, understand why being outside and exercise is essential for balance. Become familiar with your stress hormones and why they unbalance the whole hormonal cascade, and why prioritising sleep will support hormone balance

Nutritious and delicious drinks and snacks

Experience the delight of a delicious zingy ginger shot at the start of the workshop, and we'll finish with banana bread and tea, the perfect way to end a busy morning. My banana bread is jam-packed with healthy fats and protein which is the perfect way to balance hormones

Comprehensive Hormone Support Nutrition Booklet

A 55 page PDF hormone support and weight management booklet, that includes nutritional advice, meal plans and recipes.

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Hear what our customers say:

I did the New Year New You programme for three weeks, it was easy to follow and Claire was also quick to reply with good advice and guidance. I Lost 7 lbs and felt so much better, had been suffering from hot flushes and not sleeping that well and was amazed that the hot flushes stopped and so far have not returned and sleep pattern so much better. Would recommend this as a good start to making a difference to a change of lifestyle.

- Mandy

Been great working with Claire at Foss Nutrition. Her expert advice delivered fantastic results - weight loss, feeling healthier, more energised and sleeping better. What she doesn’t know about nutrition isn’t worth knowing!

- Sue

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