What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy combines the latest nutritional science with a personalised approach to offer targeted support for health and wellbeing

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary therapy, and is based on scientific evidence which can be used to enhance and optimise an individual's health and wellbeing.

Combining simple nutritional advice with small lifestyle changes could result in better health, improved sleep, weight loss and increased energy.

Nutrients within our food help us to grow, repair, support, function and thrive. 

Supporting the body nutritionally, physically and emotionally is essential for a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. 

No two people share the same nutritional status, therefore a personalised approach is essential for a successful outcome.

Functional Medicine

Nutritional Therapy is based around the Functional medicine model.

Functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of symptoms, and uses these symptoms as indicators of underlying imbalances within the bodies systems, such as digestive, endocrine and immune system. 
From a Functional medicine perspective, our body systems are interconnected, therefore, an imbalance in one system may lead to imbalance in others. Conventional medicine generally makes a diagnosis based upon a patients symptoms and will aim to treat the symptoms with pharmaceuticals or other treatments available via the NHS.
By gaining a greater understanding of a persons individual genetics, health history, lifestyle and diet coupled with a understanding of how each body system is functioning provides insight into the potential root cause of the symptoms a person may be experiencing.
If you would like to know more about Functional Medicine please visit: https://www.ifm.org/about/

The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine.

I am fully insured and a member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT).  BANT is the professional body for Registered Nutritional Therapists. 

BANT members are fully trained to understand the theory of Nutritional Therapy and have experience and skill in clinical practice.  They are required to ensure their knowledge is up to date with ongoing training and education. 

If you would to view my BANT profile please click here.

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The CNHC is the national voluntary regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners.

The CNHC is an accredited register approved by the Professional Standards Authority, an independent government appointed body.  All practitioners on the register must meet the national standards of practice in their work and adhere to their code of conduct, ethics and performance. 

You can find me on the register here.

Personalised Nutrition  

Personalised programmes that offer 1:1 support, specific for your goals or personal health requirements. Previous clients have sought support for weight loss, hormonal imbalances, low energy, thyroid and optimisation of overall health.

My services are bespoke and tailored to your specific needs. I offer a flexible, realistic approach to eating and living well. I can help you create meal plans for improving health; if you have a specific goal in mind, be it sport or a big personal event.

Group Workshops

Weight loss, wellbeing and Menopause workshops are available throughout the year in Andover, Hampshire.  These programmes have been designed to educate, inspire and empower.  Discussing topics such as blood sugar balance, digestive health, understanding the importance of gut health, effects of stress and how to make small life style changes that will have a big impact on your overall health.

Functional tests (additional cost involved) may also be used to rule out or identify the root of a health issue. Some of the tests I use are: Food Intolerance, Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis, Thyroid Function, Vitamin D, HBA1C (risk of diabetes), Mini-Micronutrient Screen and Micronutrient Screen, Health Risk Profile and Vitamin B12.

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