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30-Day Online Menopause Support Programme
Launching April 2023!

Feeling well, vibrant and happy during the menopause is not just about nutrition. 

Its also about all the other pieces of the puzzle that make up our lives.


These four pillars will help you achieve happiness and balance in your life.

I am super excited to be able to finally announce my 30-day online menopause support programme.

Each week, we'll meet online in our friendly group for 50 minutes and you will learn how you can gain back control of your weight, health, hormones, and happiness.

Starting with Food, continuing with Offline, Sleep, and Stress 

Day 1: Nutrition Plan & Menopause Support Booklet 

Day 7: Food Pillar Info Booklet

Day 14: Offline Pillar Info Booklet

Day 21: Sleep Pillar Info Booklet

Day 28: Stress Info Booklet

Day 30: Dr. Katherine Hodgkinson webinar on HRT and Body Identical Hormones 

By the end of the 30 days, you will:

Feel amazing, happier, refreshed, back in control, and energised!

You will also...

  • Lose weight and know which foods support and balance your hormones

  • Make new friends and feel supported, connect with other women on the same journey 

  • Understand why taking time offline and outside is vital for your hormones, well-being, and mental health

  • Enjoy better sleep, due to your nutrition choices and sleep hygiene habits

  • You will manage stress with ease, from the breathing and meditation exercises taught throughout the course

  • Have a greater understanding of what happens to your body before, during, and after menopause

  • Know exactly how to future-proof your health against lifestyle-driven diseases 

BONUS GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Katherine Hodgkinson with be giving a 40-minute presentation on HRT and body-identical hormones with a Q&A session ​

If you want to feel healthy, vibrant, and happy, you're in the right place.

Get in touch if you have any questions! We're launching in April 2023!

Spaces are limited so book in advance to secure your place!

Woman Preparing Food


What we eat directly impacts how we think, act and feel.  Every time we eat is it an opportunity to nourish and support our bodies from the inside out.

Sunset on the Beach


Being offline and outside profoundly impacts our health and wellbeing.  Research shows that spending time in nature can have dramatic effects on our cells, mental health, stress levels, our mood and energy levels.

Image by Tracey Hocking


Sleep disruption is a problem for many women transitioning through the menopause.  There can be many reasons for broken sleep and we will explore them all. We will discuss the hormones required to get a good night of zzzz's and how our diet and daily activities can impact our sleep.

Stressed Woman


Stress is a huge contributor to hormone imbalance, this is because our stress hormones are our 'life saving' hormones so they have the capacity to override other essential hormones.  Throughout the programme, I will guide you on how to manage stressors in your life with breathing exercises, meditation, exercise and food.

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