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1:1 Consultations

Embracing your menopause with the power of science

1:1 - 60 Minute Consultation

A comprehensive questionnaire regarding your current health, menopause symptoms and quality of life, followed by a thorough 1:1 consultation with Claire.

Choose from Zoom calls or in-person appointment at the Andover Clinic. 

All appointments are followed up with a tailored nutritional plan and some added extras to make sure you're on the path to feeling better.


Hormone Testing Package

Perfect for women looking to lose weight and resolve anxiety caused by their menopause.


All the TLC of a 1:1 consultation with the added power of genetic testing.

When we understand our genetic predisposition, we can analyse how your body and hormones are processing environmental factors like food, sleep and stress. 

2 x 1:1 consultations

1 x Lifecode GX hormones report

1 x Tailored nutrition plan

Hormone & Metabolism Testing

This is the Full Monty of menopausal science.

Metabolic and hormone tests are pain-free cheek swabs to see what's happening in your body.

2 x 60 minute consultations

1 x Lifecode GX hormones report

1 x metabolic report

1 tailored nutrition plan

2 x E.Books

VIP access to 15 health and menopause support PDFs - let's fast track your path to a happy, healthy you!

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