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Memory Loss and the menopause. Are you suffering from memory loss, brain fog, and forgetting words?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

This can be scary and it can start during perimenopause, you might even worry that it is early-stage dementia.

But did you know that memory loss symptoms may happen because your nutrient levels are really low and need refuelling?

Low levels of nutrients can have a huge impact on the brain.

Some symptoms of brain fog may include lack of concentration, forgetfulness, fatigue, loss of memory.

Brain fog can be both annoying, frustrating, and embarrassing. We have all experienced times when we mean to say a certain word and the wrong word comes out, or you simply cannot think of the word you need to say.

Some of us may have also experienced having a conversation with a work colleague and losing our train of thought.

There are some simple and easy nutrition tips that may help support brain health. Head over to my website to download my '5 nutrition tips to support brain health'.

By consuming a nutritionally dense diet, and making simple lifestyle changes which are part of my 30-day online menopause support programme you will be restoring your body with the correct nutrients it requires to be able to fire on all cylinders again.

As with all things relating to your body, you need to be patient. It can sometimes take between 8 and 12 weeks to adequately restore nutrient levels to an optimal level again, especially when you have been running on energy-saving mode for many years.

Like all our other muscles, our brain needs to be exercised too. We can do this by engaging in activities that work our brains. We can start by doing brisk exercises, such as walking, dancing, yoga, and pilates, as this will oxygenate your brain.

Try some exercises that set up new neural pathways in the brain, like learning a musical instrument, a foreign language, crochet, or embroidery and you can also try scrabble and sudoku.

NB: If you have concerns about memory loss, brain fog and forgetting words then seek guidance from your GP.

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