Hormone Balancing MOT

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Are you suffering with hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog and anxiety?

Looking for a hormone programme that helps relieve symptoms, whilst optimising your health so that in your 40s, 50s and beyond, you have a new zest for life?

Whatever stage you are at (yes there are three! Peri, Menopause and Post) let me take your hand and guide you with easy to follow nutritional advice, with simple, yet effective lifestyle changes, which help balance your hormones, but also future proof your health.

The menopause can come with a host of symptoms, ranging from hot flushes, low mood, night sweats, anxiety and forgetfulness, just to name a few.  They can start in your early forties and last for years if you do not take control.

#thefossway hormone programme works with four main pillars:

Food - Learn about the foods that will support and nourish your body whilst transitioning through the menopause, and which ones to avoid

Offline - Appreciate why being offline, outside and exercise benefits both your physical and mental health now, and in the future

Sleep - Sleep like a baby again using my tips, nutritional advice and guidance

Stress - Get your Zen back, with simple techniques, that leave you feeling relaxed and like your old self.

All four pillars are equally important, my programme focuses on nutrition and lifestyle changes, that help to ease your symptoms, so you can start feeling like your old self again.



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Female Health Nutritional Therapy

Are your hormones in havoc?

Are you suffering with PMS, feeling anxious and stressed, gained weight that you cannot lose? If the answer is yes, then your hormones may be out of balance.

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Gut Health Nutritional Therapy

What's your gut feeling?

Did you know the bacteria in your gut may impact your mood and behaviour, supports your immune and digestive systems, and helps control your appetite and weight?

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Weight Loss Nutritional Therapy

Do you want to lose weight?

Weight loss programmes with no calorie counting, just simple easy changes for long term sustainable success.

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Food Intolerances Nutritional Therapy

Are you suffering with a food intolerance?

Food intolerance may present with a wide range of symptoms, ranging from headaches, low energy, bloating, weight gain and joint pains.

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